Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Choosing a Worry-Free Investment

A key advantage of Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) is that they offer low risk with guaranteed returns. Putting your money into a GIC is a conservative investment approach, generating a dependable rate of return over a fixed term.

Benefits of GICs

  • Guaranteed rates
  • Ladder your maturity dates
  • No fee account

When you invest in a GIC you’re guaranteed to get your principal investment amount back. Plus, traditional GICs offer a fixed interest rate so you know how much you’ll earn. GP Wealth Management offers a full range of GICs, delivering competitive interest rates and flexible terms. Ask your financial advisor which GIC options are right for you!

GIC Features and Options

  • 30-day to 5-year terms
  • Competitive interest rates guaranteed for the full term
  • Cash or reinvested interest payments
  • Interest payment frequency options
  • Eligible for registered investment plans
  • Simplified record-keeping

GIC Tip: Earn Compound Interest

On GICs with terms over 1 year, get paid interest at maturity, rather than withdrawing it annually. Your interest will earn interest – and your money will grow even more quickly.

Related Information

Investor Protection

GIC’s provided by GP Wealth Management are protected by Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

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